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Naming-and-Shaming Corruption & Confronting Inescapable Crises

With Joseph Ingram

Joe introduces the SDGs – Sustainable Development Goals – and how they can guide global politics to a cleaner condition. He suggests US elections have provided a glimmer of hope for a future led by people who value science and the rights of humanity, collectively. But it’s our job as the public to know what’s going on in the world around us and apply pressure to political systems, where we see fit.

Joe is an extensively experienced political economist, whose career includes 30 years at the World Bank, being a special representative to the UN and WTO, serving as president of Canadian think tank the North-South Institute, and publishing articles for numerous prominent news outlets.

Beauty of Blockchain, Ventures with The Delta & Data in the polyVerse

With Louis Buys

A conversation covering start-up culture and challenges, the up- and downsides to blockchain technology and how the data – and internet – economy may be in need of a major remodelling.

Qualified in mechatronic engineering and computer science, Louis is an experienced entrepreneur who’s widely versed in fintech. He loves solving the puzzle of putting together a successful start-up, and is continuously doing so having co-founded – amongst other companies – a corporate venture builder.

Information, Politics & the Powers Shaping Society

With Chris Ingram

Recommending Timothy D. Snyder’s The Road to Unfreedom, Chris delves into the agendas behind some of the conspiracies that cause chaos in Western democracies. He conveys the importance of research, critical thinking and independent regulation of information.

His father a prominent political economist and mother a journalist, Chris describes his knowledge of politics as having been ingrained in him by osmosis. This upbringing guided him to study politics, read widely and seek answers from only the most reputable sources.

eCommerce, Economics & SMEgo

With Rowan Spazzoli

A discussion on grocery e-commerce, interesting economic principles and small businesses in South Africa struggling with the pandemic.

Rowan has his masters in economic development and has extensive experience in entrepreneurship, both first-hand through founding and co-founding start-ups, and through advising others. He lectures courses at UCT, including Strategic Thinking, and consults widely.

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