The KNOWIT Solution

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Our Platform for Health Professionals

& very soon, for you too.

Leveraging the most advanced technology, our platform will pair people with products that meet each individual’s specific needs. Local grocery retailers’ products are on display for you to browse and discover with navigational ease. 

Some of the features to look forward to include…

  • A dynamic and nuanced shop window homepage.
  • Smart Tagging for seamless product discovery and selection.
  • An educational shopping experience, with visually simplified product information.
  • A recipe recommender you can read more about below.

If you’re a health professional interested in accessing our platform, please contact us for more details.

For a sneak preview of some of our site’s features, see our social media feeds…

A Future of Personal Companies

The digital world – and abundance of information it provides – has allowed all of us as consumers to become savvier, socially-aware and tenacious shoppers.

Companies are made up of people, created by people and so they must be for people… for us, for you. Because we deserve to be treated as equals, our intelligence acknowledged and worth known.

When it comes to the services KnowIT provide, we have skin in the game. We all want to know we’re doing everything in our power to remain in good health. And while we’re doing that, we want our food shopping experiences to be seamless and conducive to these healthy lifestyles we’re committed to living.


What’s changed about the way we shop?   

Everyone’s an expert and expectations have risen 

Modern South African consumers want to engage with the brands and products we’re interested in. We want to interact with them. We require trusted information and relevant reviews about them. 

A common trend among retailers is to replicate their physical offerings online, simply uploading a database of all the products they sell. However in-store and online are completely different experiences and should be treated as such. In the physical world, retailers have access to all sorts of visual cues to grab shoppers’ attention. In the digital world these don’t exist. That means a lot more thought goes into making the right products discoverable to the right shopper.


With all the on-demand and nuanced technology we’re used to, grocery e-Commerce and omnichannel experiences must meet our raising standards. 

Knowit is…

A Digital Solution

At KNOWITWORLD we’re constantly developing our technology. This alleviates the pressure retailers and brands are under to keep up with digitising times.

With us the experience of e-commerce is effortlessly enhanced and shoppers’ needs instantly met.

An Optimised Result

We create intelligible dietary attributes, which ensure more suitable products reach the shoppers looking for them. We provide:

  • Accurate and up-to-date reflections of product packages.
  • Comprehendable attributes, translating any confusing labelling into palatable terms.
  • Consistent definitions of tags and search criteria.

And we’re always adapting to evolving shoppers’ vocabularies and changing dietary trends.

A Health Answer

We satisfy the health-conscious with our understanding that wellness depends on personal, specific and changeable intolerances, allergies and dietary beliefs.

Through extracting and visualising nutritional information, we allow people to confidently and conveniently shop in accordance with individual requirements.

 And what’s next?

From AI to apps we have a future filled with features to improve your online experience


Our personalisation recommender will match shoppers with the perfect products for dietary requirements, desires and even body mass index.

Current customising solutions use ‘cookies’ and past purchasing behavior. This is very basic, and we believe it should be done better.

At KnowIT we use deeper insights that go much further, bordering on individualisation. Our virtual shopping assistant seeks to understand what interests an individual and, just as importantly, what does not.

An Intelligent App

An app is an integral part of our omnichannel approach. With it, the digital and physical worlds converge.

 You select specific dietary requirements, scan the barcode of a product and KnowIT tells you if the product meets your specifications. Simple.

It’ll warn against poor choices, based on the severity of the health consequence, and recommend appropriate alternatives where possible.




We’re even recommending recipes… 

The algorithms driving our hyper-personalisation optimise every step of a grocery shop. From shopping list design, to tailoring suitable meal recommendations that are aligned to your health and lifestyle goals, we cover it all.

Our KnowIT AI Recipe Generator produces recipes directly from your shopping list or the products in your fridge, all tailored to your dietary requirements. Make your shop count. We guide you towards convenient and customised culinary creations.


Let’s keep you in the loop.

We’ll keep you up-to-date on all you need to know about our platform’s launch and more.