A World of knowledge at your fingertips


Find foods that fit your individual health goals. Our nutrient, ingredient, allergen and diet tags filter your search, giving you a personalised shop window of perfectly suited products to browse.


Get to know the products you love on a deeper level. You might be shocked. Products you assume to be healthy may well be high in calories, sugar or other nutrients you’re trying to monitor. We help you find a healthy swop, instantly.


Feel your best. Discovering and learning about the right foods for you means a brighter mind, clearer skin, an energised body and boosted moods.

Nutritional information made visual, made understandable and made for you.

Let’s talk about food. It’s fundamental to our existence; our most frequent purchase. It’s not just fuel, it’s culture, delight, family. They say everything you eat either feeds or fights disease. Yet, most people know very little about what’s in it. And ignorance isn’t bliss… it’s disastrous.

The world is unwell and so are the people in it. There’s always “a pill for that”, until there isn’t.

Not all of us are nutritionists and few of us know what’s meant by those ingredients none of us can pronounce. Labels are complicated and confusing, so KnowIT steps in. Behind the scenes we decipher, turn complex to simple. And suddenly, with a single tap, you’re in control. Knowing becomes convenient. Understanding is bliss. Because peace of mind is putting your health back in your capable hands.

So… what exactly do we do?

KNOWITWORLD is an enlightening and dynamic portal to a healthier you.

We show you all your local groceries, put through our smart, simplified system of food data and filtering tags. On our platform and mobile web app you interact with brands of your choice on a level playing field. Leave interpreting labels to our health professionals.

Just you, the products you want, and the information you deserve.

We offer…



Product Discovery
Virtual Shopping Assistance and Advice


Knowledge Beyond Labels

Your Food Knowledge Companion

3 ways we improve your grocery shopping experience

  • We optimise your search, enabling you to find new products that are better alternatives for your goals.
  • Grocery shopping’s natural nuances are achieved with our satisfying navigational features.
  • We’re exploring the benefits of AI. Imagine a friend who knows you better than you know yourself. Our innovative recommender lets you discover perfectly suited products you’ll love.


We ensure product transparency and are committed to helping you live in line with your individual values and goals. With us, you know someone has your back.


We don’t just optimise your search we optimise your life. We want you to shop, eat and live as well as possible.


We ensure you’re clued up on what’s important. Sharing interesting, insightful and important information with you, we help you nourish your body and mind.

Get to know the Team.


Co-Founder & CTO

From Astrophysics to Portuguese and a whole lot of Computer Science in between, Abhi’s areas of expertise know no bounds. He’s leading our technology to a thoughtful and original beyond.


Co-Founder & COO

Dynamic is an understatement when you’re talking about Matt. Constantly learning, growing, moving – his drive to create and change the way we live is like a current taking our business forward.


Head Developer

Coding enthusiast and Java guru, Netherlands-based Joris leads our soft- and hardware development with a knowing precision.


IT Specialist

Methodical and thorough, Vijay’s extensive grasp of web and mobile application technology make him our go-to guy for all things tech-related.


Product Manager

Researching and enriching her knowledge are at the forefront of Julia’s agenda. She keeps us creative, connected and in conversation, on our Knowitworld podcast.


Snr. Full Stack Developer

Behind each seamless feature of our platform is Ankit’s coding and keen eye for detail. When he isn’t  working on our venture, he’s working out in the park or venturing in the mountains.


Registered Dietitian

Sam is confident that food and nutrition knowledge can change people’s lives for the better. This desire to help bring about improved health is guiding Sam’s work in the dietetics field.


The Know-It-All

Keeping you in the know about everything health-related



Do you know if you are consuming enough fibre?

Do you know how important fibre is for health? Fibre does a lot more than just ensuring you have regular bowel habits…



How do you enjoy this creamy, versatile fruit? On toast? On pizza or as guac? In salads, in smoothies, or in salad dressings? Even just as a fabulous side to any dish. We’ve even heard of avocado chocolate mousse! It can turn an average salad into a scrumptious meal.

Let’s chat about health.

Connect with us and other like-minded people on our social media platforms. Health is about a community of support, insights and a shared body of knowledge. It takes a village.


For businesses and brands who’d like to know a little more about us.

The modern consumer's changing needs.

How KnowIT addresses these challenges.

Benefits to brands getting on board our health revolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How We Work

Why do most people not do their grocery shop online?

It’s because shopping is more than just a list. It involves finding things unexpectedly, spontaneously. We walk through the aisles browsing for inspiration. And those of us with special diets need to interact with products to thoroughly check their labels. Done right, technology makes life easier. KNOWITWORLD solves these issues with our nuanced navigational features.

How does your platform inform me on products?

You simply click on your discovered product and all the information is made clear. Learn about the nutrition visually, at a product level.

Combining the technical know-how with ethical care, we ensure you can shop mindfully and with awareness – a knowing search, you might say.

When we say, for instance, ‘No Added Sugars’ we mean it. No more ingredients hidden under names you don’t understand – we speak your language.

Does KNOWIT only help me with online shopping?

No, we’re an omnichannel service. With our platform you can inform yourself on products in-store too.

How does using KnowIT improve my life?

With us you feel:

  • At ease, navigating isles of relevant products from the comfort of your home, assured you’re on top of your to-do lists and health.
  • Satisfied that your unique needs are acknowledged and fulfilled, with your preferences understood.
  • Confident. Making healthy food choices isn’t easy. But with adequate information you can make a conscious and clever decision every time.
What tags are used to help filter my search?
  • Diet tags: Diabetes Friendly, Ketogenic, Vegan, Paleo etc.
  • Nutrient tags: High Protein, Low Carb, Good Iron, Low Cholesterol etc.
  • Ingredient tags: No Added Sugars, No Added Oils, No Artificial Sweeteners etc.
  • Allergen tags: No Dairy, No Peanuts, No Sesame Seeds etc.
  • Badge tags: Certified Grass Fed, Certified Non-GMO, Certified Kosher etc.
Why are nutrition tags necessary?

Knowing the contents of the products you buy is essential to staying in control of your health. This is because many ingredients you may want to avoid are hidden under confusing aliases. Similarly, if you’re wanting to have more of certain vitamins, micros and macros the tags provide a simple solution.

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